🎄🎄 Christmas! Best Time of the Year!

If you plan on doing a giveaway, there is no better time.

Events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day provide great opportunities to maximize your social media growth. However, Christmas is something else when it comes to engagement rate.

Giving gifts to people is just the nature of this time of the year. No matter how you position your brand, giveaways will fit perfectly.

3 things you should keep in mind to increase your engagement rate even more to grow your audience.

1 – Hashtags. Let’s make the best out of them. Use hashtags that are related to your content. Some other hashtags that may help you increase your view counts could be; #christmas #merrychristmas #christmasgift #christmasmood #christmasmarket #christmaspresent #christmaspresents #christmassale

2 – Seasonality. It is best to make some minor changes in the holiday seasons, especially Christmas.

Changes in your social media will help you tap into the festive spirit of Christmas🎄🎄🎄.

If you can update your brand’s profile and cover photos with festive-inspired text, the odds of attracting and getting new people into your followers list will increase. You can even go further and highlight your special Christmas giveaway on your cover photo.

3 – Consistency. This is a general rule, but the importance is higher for Christmas. If you want the power of giveaway engagement always be with you, do more than just one giveaway.

All follows/likes/shares are precious in terms of algorithm and will push you higher in terms of visibility without a doubt, but you need to show the algorithm that it’s not just a one-time thing.

People will stay if they know more gifts will come, and engagement will fly off the roof. Christmas fits perfectly for any brand to do giveaway series.

If you have any questions, you can always contact us from the mail icon on the top left of the main screen. We’d love to help! ❤❤❤

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