5 ways to Grow your Instagram Account 🚀

We all want to grow our audience on social media, especially on Instagram. Businesses of all sizes exist on this platform for a reason. It’s heaven for marketing and provides excellent growth opportunities. If you only play the game right, Instagram can help you grow. Here are some quick but crucial tips for growing your brand on Instagram.

1 – Consistency

Consistency is key. You only thought it was a real-life thing? Nope, the algorithm likes it too. 

There are many studies and theory-crafting about how often you should post and how much is too much or less but let’s get things simple and go straight to the point. 

You should post at least 4 times a week, even daily if possible. The value of a consistent content creator is always different from another who posts irregularly.

2 – Bio Optimization

Use that 150-character space smartly. Your bio needs to tell who you are and what you offer clearly. Always have a Call-to-Action (“shop now!”, “read now!”, “contact us!”) and your link. Your bio link is vital, so make sure to have it. Use your bio-link to direct traffic to your website or the newest product you are marketing.


3 – Timing of the Posts

There is no best time for posting on Instagram, and whoever says otherwise is wrong. However, there is a right time to post your content for your followers. From the “Insights” screen, you can see your audience’s most active hours. Experimenting with hours and watching the following 2-hour engagement is also a proper method.

4 – Collaborate

You are not alone in the game of social media, and collaboration will help you grow faster. You can look for micro-influencers for partnerships that fit your content/product, or you can simply re-share the user-generated content of your own audience. 

5 – Engage with your audience

Comments & likes are not just numbers of engagement indicators. There are real people behind those numbers. If you really want to have more followers, you need to keep the conversation going with them. Respond to them in the comments. Interactive brands always grow faster and build a loyal fan base. 

If you have any questions, you can always contact us from the mail icon on the top left of the main screen. We’d love to help! ❤❤❤

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